Excursiones en Chulilla

The hiking activity in Chulilla is exciting. A town rounded by mountains and rivers offers visitors the pleasure of visiting varied landscapes that illustrate at every step Mediterranean climate spaces.

We propose these excursions through Chulilla or departing from Gestalgar and Sot de Chera. Anyway, it is the walker who makes the path when walking.

  1. The route of the hanging bridges of Chulilla
  2. Charco Azul Trip
  3. Treasure’s cove, Gollizno’s cove abd Punta’s ravine trip.
  4. Vallfiguera’s ravine trip and rock painting
  5. Muela mountain trip.
  6. Gestalgar trip by foot.
  7. Gestalgar trip by the river.
  8. Terrosa’s spa trip.
  9. Toscas trip.
  10. River Turia trip.
  11. Vallarejo trip.
  12. Rivera’s ravine – Gestalgar – Chulilla by bike.
  13. Peñeta – coves.