Chulilla is located in the province of Valencia (Spain) in the northwest area and belongs to the region of La Serranía officially called “Los Serranos”. It limits to the north with Losa del Obispo and with the Villar del Arzobispo, to the west with the abandoned town of Loriguilla, to the south with Sot de Chera, which is colloquially called “Sote”, and to the south and east with Gestalgar.

It is located less than 60 km from the provincial capital and the altitude of the town center slightly exceeds 300 m, although the castle is located 400 m high. The municipality has an extension that exceeds 60 km.

Although the maximum level barely exceeds 600 m (the serratilla), its orographic profile is markedly mountainous, with a large number of ramblas and ravines, which makes this area one of the most intricate of the Iberian mountains.

It has a population of about 700 inhabitants, although this number increases considerably in summer, when many descendants of the town, who once had to emigrate, return to spend the holidays.

The most advisable option is to use the road that leaves Valencia in the direction of Ademuz, which in its first kilometers is part of the Líria highway.

Another option that very few people use is to go through Requena. It is a road with many curves and not highly recommended, although many improvements have been made in recent years. As an advantage you can enjoy an impressive landscape.

Snow in Chulilla