Trips in Chulilla

The hiking activity in Chulilla is exciting. A town rounded by mountains and rivers offers visitors the pleasure of visiting varied landscapes that illustrate at every step Mediterranean climate spaces.

We propose these excursions through Chulilla or departing from Gestalgar and Sot de Chera. Anyway, it is the walker who makes the path when walking.

  1. The route of the hanging bridges of Chulilla
  2. Charco Azul Trip
  3. Treasure’s cove, Gollizno’s cove abd Punta’s ravine trip.
  4. Vallfiguera’s ravine trip and rock painting

Another trips in Chulilla

  1. Muela mountain trip.
  2. Gestalgar trip by foot.
  3. Gestalgar trip by the river.
  4. Terrosa’s spa trip.
  5. Toscas trip.
  6. River Turia trip.
  7. Vallarejo trip.
  8. Rivera’s ravine – Gestalgar – Chulilla by bike.
  9. Peñeta – coves.

Chulilla is known for its stunning natural landscape and for being a popular destination for climbing and hiking enthusiasts. Below are some of the things that can be done in Chulilla:

Climbing: Chulilla is one of the best climbing destinations in Europe. There are over 500 climbing routes in the area, ranging from easy to difficult, making it an ideal place for climbers of all levels.

Hiking: The Chulilla area is surrounded by mountains and trails, making it perfect for hiking enthusiasts. There are several routes ranging from easy to challenging, with breathtaking views of the landscape.

Visit the Castle of Chulilla: The Castle of Chulilla is a medieval fortress built in the 13th century. It is an impressive place to visit and offers a panoramic view of the area.

Swim in the Turia River: The Turia River runs through Chulilla and is a perfect place to cool off on hot summer days. There are several natural pools and picnic areas along the river.

Bird watching: Chulilla is an ideal place for bird watching, as there is a great variety of species that inhabit the area, such as magpies, owls, barn owls, and golden eagles.

Enjoy local cuisine: Chulilla’s cuisine is based on typical dishes from the area such as paella, rice baked in the oven, and olla churra. In addition, it is also famous for its sausages, such as rice blood sausage with its “grejes,” longanizas, and chorizos.

Visit the caves in the area: In the Chulilla area, there are several natural caves that can be visited, such as the Treasure Cave, the Caves, and the Gollisno Cave.

Chulilla is a perfect place for nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. It offers a great variety of activities to enjoy throughout the year.