Chulilla suspension bridges

The gorge of the river Turia

Crossing the gorge of the Turia river in Chulilla is only possible through these suspension bridges that were formerly built to reach the construction sites of the Loriguilla swamp.

To enjoy the untouched nature, until recently, in an environment where there are otters, owls, … is to dive into the throat of the River Turia.


Puentes colgantes de Chulilla

CHULILLA born of the force of nature. A river that crosses it and a beautiful garden irrigated by that same river. The mountains in Chulilla have been sculpted by the waters to let us see vertical walls that at some time exceed 150 meters high. The blue puddle, the vallarejo puddle, the vallfiguera ravine, are enclaves of singular beauty in which the water meets the stone.

Chulilla Mediterranean interior food stands out. The best dishes of Chulilla cuisine are:

  • Stove Pot Cabbage
  • Rice sausage
  • Reguiños
  • Almond Pancakes


Comidas Chulilla