Route Chulilla Gestalgar Chulilla


Distancia: 32 Km

The trail begins at the Plaza de la Baronía in Chulilla After crossing the town through its steep streets we descend to the river following the paved road until we reach the bridge that crosses the river Turia . Before crossing it for the first time we leave to the left the ruins of an old abandoned laundry room full of weeds.

extraordinary view of the orchard of the Turia . We continue for 600 m. to a bend in the road where we cross the ravine of Vallfigueres : at this point we can enjoy the spectacular cuts that the water has carved into the rock.

We will arrive at the source of La Rinconá , where we will provide water for the whole march, we continue our journey enjoying the landscape that the river, more abundant in this area by the contribution of a channel from a central hydroelectric On the other side of the river is the Fuencaliente Spa , famous for its thermal waters (23º) of mining and medicinal interest. We continue the march bordering the river Turia and leaving to the left an old channel through which some sections of the path run. Later we arrive at the mouth of the Sot river on the right bank and about 200 m. we found the Corundum , an old emery stone factory demolished by the flood of 57, and to which the above-mentioned channel arrived. In this place there are some examples of unusual rodeo pine in the area. From this point we can admire on our right on the river, the remains of a Roman aqueduct, and on the left, some capricious forms of the rock known in the area as Picarchos . It is possible to enjoy the views that the river, very winding in this area, provides the hiker. On the right bank of the river usually grazing a cattle ranch and occasionally they can be seen from afar.

We continue the path through the scrubland under Mediterranean and we reach the Barranco Hondo , where there is a change of vegetation, being an area of umbria. Once past the ravine, we observe how the path is encased in a spectacular gorge that the Turia has excavated in the stone and runs parallel to the wall. We went out on a road through which we circulated a few minutes to the Peña María and in term of Gestalgar through an old dam demolished by the flood. Continue our route along the river and some orchards until we reach the town of Gestalgar where we can visit both its old town and its castle.

Once on the other side of the bridge, our route passes along an agricultural road that climbs gently providing an