Eva Hache in Chulilla

Last Friday, September 20, the television program La paisana that visited our town during the month of March was broadcast on the first of rtve, specifically in the week of failures. He should not have found many Chulillanos, so Igul has not left the program we all expected.Most people’s comments go the same way. On the one hand there are several stories that remain, especially that of the street market, mostly because they are outsiders.But what is most shocking is that the baker pneumatic stones on his own roof.Here is the full program:

Who is Eva Hache?

Eva Hache is a Spanish actress and presenter known for her comedy style. One of her most popular programs is “La Paisana”, which aired on Televisión Española (TVE) for several seasons.
In La Paisana, Eva Hache travelled to different villages in Spain to meet local residents and learn about their customs and traditions. In each episode, Eva Hache became a “paisana” herself and got involved in the daily life of the community, learning how to do things like milking cows, cooking typical dishes, or dancing regional dances.
Through this program, Eva Hache sought to showcase the cultural diversity of Spain and highlight the importance of small communities and their ways of life. In addition to being a source of entertainment, “La Paisana” was praised for its ability to promote tolerance and intercultural understanding.
After several seasons, La Paisana finally came to an end in 2020, but it is still remembered as one of the most beloved and respected programs on Spanish television.

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