Sabotage to Chulilla’s bridge

This week we received the news that the Chulilla City Council had noticed before the civil guard for the attempt to cut one of the cables of the first of the suspension bridges that marked one of the most trafficked hiking routes of the Valencian community. At the same time and for maintaining the safety of this beautiful chulillana route, access to the bridge was claded until a specialized company finished the repair. A repair that has been valued at 12000 euros.

Apparently an undetermined group of people, it only takes one to perform that task would have tried to cut one of the main bridge support cables. It is not known whether with an electric radial or with a manual saw without getting it.

Vicente Polo, mayor of Chulilla stated: “I do not know what the person who has done such a thing was intended, we do not know if he was a hooligan. I want to think that’s what it’s been, because I don’t think it bothers anyone’s infrastructure« The cutting attempt has not seriously affected the structure, but we have closed it as a precaution, to thoroughly review it. With the passage of people there is no danger, but perhaps with some group the structure could resent, so it is better to close it« This route is, say, Chulilla’s flagship. A lot of people visit us to tour it and the closure annoys us quite a bit«

In Chulilla over the past few years, the hatred of outsiders has grown quite a bit and perhaps that’s where the search for the culprits could begin. A small town like ours struggles to carry the collateral damage of both tourists. There have always been people who don’t want tourism in Chulilla. Obviously these are people who do not live from tourism and for them the success of the route of the pantaneros is a real sucking.

Years ago there was another rather serious vandal act such as the aggression suffered by the cave paintings of our locality found in the Vallfiguera ravine

I am not saying that it is the same person or for the same reason but if they are for now the two most important vandal acts that we have suffered in Chulilla.

I remember having some conversation about it years ago about people who don’t like tourism in Chulilla. It’s clearly not just a thing here. In Barcelona they are also very saturated for example. I don’t know if Chulilla has reached its limit, but I’m sure the one who tried to cut the wire thinks so.

The environmental impact of bridges right there such as bringing hundreds of people to an environment that was once untouched is very large. I remember going before his refurbishment when there was only one cable you had to spend Indiana Jones style for and I saw a real owl. I very much doubt that this type of wildlife will outlive tourists. I don’t think this worries the perpetrators of the vandalism. What they are worried about is having the village full of people (‘outsiders’) who do not know and how complicated it is to park.

Puente colgante de Chulilla

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