Blue eyes civil war warrior In Gestalgar

After reading Maquis (1997), a book by Alfons Cervera about the Spanish postwar period in the neighboring town of Gestalgar came to mind a story that had contacted me about a maqui who used to visit some houses of the hermitage of Chulilla in which he asked for food .

I remember how my grandfather told me that when he returned to town with the chariot of the mountain he met the false guerrillas who asked you for things. A few meters after the civil guard stopped you and if you had collaborated they took more things from you. The civil guards of the early post-war era were very poor people from other areas, many of the Extremadura population and between the trade and the eligible benefit without hesitation.

Some interesting facts from the book for a current hiker is that these maquis used to be in the area of ​​the ravine of Rivera. It is a ravine that is on the other side of the serratilla and that is born next to the upper part of the Terrosa ravine. The truth is that we have the state there we have not realized that its access is complicated and I have no doubt that its original geography enabled to be a great rural hiding place. If you look at the mountain that we have on our left it is called the wolf, it is already seen that it has always been the last stronghold for some species.

He considered himself blue-eyed. A real character from the book. In the last times. It has been found out who he was and more things from his experience. His name was Luis Peris Ramiro and he was antural of Alcublas and his wife of Villar. He died in France and was never arrested by the civil guard despite the large number of beats that were made. What is not well known is whether he was an escape from war or if he was really a guerrilla.

Spatial photo of the Rivera ravine. One of the places I frequented.

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